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Are you struggling to find the right process for getting new clients or customers? Is an opportunity staring at you in the face but you can’t seem to find the path to results?

Prospect Infinity is the only app that helps you get organized and grow your business by tracking prospecting activity for you and your team. An absolute must-have for any business owner, sales rep, or entrepreneur who uses face-to-face relationships to grow their business. Get started today!

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Fast, Easy, Prospecting

No more dreaded spreadsheets. No more losing track of who on your team is calling this person or that person. Just put your prospects in the system, take them through your process, and stay focused and guided throughout the entire process.

Simplified Reporting

We know how overwhelming it can be when you have a report with a billion items to look at. So we decided to keep it simple. Everything on the dashboard will let you know how you and your team are doing, where you need to work, and who you need to talk to.

Proven Blueprint

Are you tired of fumbling through the process and not sure what to do with the people you’re talking to? Our system helps you know what to do next with each prospect in the process.

Productive Scheduling

Have you ever forgotten a scheduled call with a lead, double booked yourself with meetings, or just plain couldn’t remember something you needed to do? Never forget anything again when it comes to growing your business. The simple and intuitive Schedule will keep you on track with your day-to-day appointments.

Track Your Team

It’s never been easier to know how your team is doing with day-to-day activities. Stats on each member, and your team as a whole, give you a bird’s-eye view of the productivity of your team, show what the schedule looks like, and provide information about activity for the past 90 days.

Made for

Prospect Infinity was made for business owners, sales teams, and entrepreneurs who use face-to-face marketing or in-person networking for their primary prospecting technique. Turn your desire into a reality and discover the power of Infinity!

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